What are Interior Design Sessions?

The sessions are designed to give you one on one time with me, an experienced interior designer with over thirteen years of experience in residential design. These appointments are carried out in your own home or workspace. I will bring lots of ideas, inspiration and samples particular to your situation. This could be anything from space planning through to soft furnishings, I can help you with any aspect of interior design.

Perhaps you’ve had an architect draw up your plans but you’re unsure how to furnish the rooms. Maybe you’re not confident in what finishes or colours to use in your space?

An experienced designer can visualise immediately how a room will look in 3D and can then guide you towards the right choices for your style and budget. I can help pull all of your ideas together, add in a few of my own and you’ll have a scheme you can then implement

What will I gain from it?

The simple answer is as much as you want to. I’ll be able to do quite a lot in our allotted time – take measurements, draw out the space, choose colours and finishes with you, look at furniture and space layouts, recommend suppliers or products to use to name a few. I’ll ensure that I leave you with a solution to the problem that you had outlined before our appointment.

How long does the appointment last?

The appointment lasts up to 3 hours and covers up to 2 rooms. You can book extra sessions for further rooms if required and these can run concurrently.

What do I need to do prior to the session?

Give me a call initially to discuss your requirements and if you’re happy to proceed, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in that will really get you thinking about your space and how you’re going to use it. Once I receive this back, I can plan what I need to bring to our appointment and we’ll set a date.

What happens after the session?

It’s completely up to you. Some clients are happy with my designs/suggestions and will go and source things themselves, manage their builders, etc. Other clients want me involved in seeing through the designs we’ve created together. It’s entirely up to you. There is absolutely no obligation to keep me involved past our appointment, although I do love to see photos of finished rooms if you want to send them to me!

How do I book?

Simply call me on 0161 439 6632 or email angela@threeinteriordesign.co.uk and we can have an initial, no obligation chat about your project.