Bathroom makeover on a budget?

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Well I hoped to have been totally finished on the bathroom at least a week or so ago, but life kind of took over, I got busy with work and then had people staying so it just wasn’t going to work having the bathroom out of action. However it’s finished now and I’m really pleased with the result. I think to have done this bathroom makeover on a budget of less that £300 is pretty good going.

As you can see I’ve gone completely monochrome – which gives me plenty of scope for styling with different colours at a later date. I’ve gone for a plant to provide a bit of “life” but that could easily be changed out for some bold coloured flowers in a vase, for example. I’ve also styled it with a print we had and that also works well. However, to do a bathroom makeover on a budget you need to ensure you’re covering off enough storage and other essentials before you even think about the styling. It’s just that the styling part’s the most fun usually 🙂


Budget bathroom makeover









I did quite a lot of painting in the end and have up-cycled a few things which I’m sure you could do too. Everything else was from the High Street or an internet buy, so you can totally do this in your own home!! I haven’t used any secret “trade only” companies on this bathroom makeover.

In terms of labour, I’m good at decorating but I would not say I was an expert at laying flooring so that probably took me waaay longer than a professional. However, still fairly painless, the tiles you didn’t need to cut went down easily.


I still managed to get all the labour done within 3 days with help from Mr B for putting up shelves and hanging the blind and mirror. So this is feasibly a long weekend project.

Budget bathroom makeover









So, a breakdown of the budget:

Flooring 4 x packs of tiles. B&Q I could have got away with 3 packs but I played it safe and laid them so I had to do as little cutting as possible! Total £57.12. Still a total bargain 🙂










Paint I used a variety of paint as I sprayed a few things and painted tiles and the walls and ceiling. So the total for that was £29.59. I did already have matt white for the walls and white satinwood, so you’d have to add these to your budget if you’ve not got any knocking around. Budget approx £33.

painting-tiles painting-boards







Blind I ummed and aahed over this one. Originally I was going to go with black but decided for longevity white would work better. I’m not sure I would have ordered from Wooden Blinds Direct  if I’d have read the reviews first but the blind arrived quickly and is lovely. Apart from totally cheap and nasty looking cleats which were binned, and absolutely no fitting instructions, it was fine! Total inc. delivery £66.96 which is waaay cheaper than even trade price from some suppliers. I’m not sure it’s quite as good quality but we’re trying to do a bathroom makeover on a budget so we’ll see how it fairs.. I always add tapes to the front of Venetians, I think it makes them look “finished”.


Shelves These are a used scaffold board cut to size and painted. The brackets are from Ikea (Ekby Valter). I decided on scaffold boards for a few reasons – they gave me the chunkiness I wanted, they also have good texture and they’re waaaay cheaper than most shelving, even from Ikea. I knew once they were painted they would still retain a matt look, which was also desired. I just used one coat of Satinwood with no primer. You could probably use black emulsion and this would also give a good matt finish. Now, I’ll be honest – these shelves aren’t going to be the type you’d dust! They’re too rough for that, but a vacuum over will be fine or a wet dishcloth. If you use a yellow duster they’ll just be covered in yellow fluff!!







As luck would have it, Mr B reminded me we had a scaffold board in the garage, brilliant. I’d been looking on Ebay though, and you can pick up used boards up for less than £5. The brackets From Ikea were £8 for four.

Storage I never wanted a cupboard in the room. Don’t ask me why because it would have made life a lot easier – but I wanted shelves so that they could be styled differently when I got bored 🙂 So I’ve utilised a bit of space in the doors of the airing cupboard with Bekvam spice racks and Byholma rattan baskets on the shelves- both Ikea. I painted the spice racks and sprayed the rattan- this is the best way to paint as it gets into the little gaps in the rattan better. I also had some other fabric storage boxes which I’m utilising in the airing cupboard too. Total cost for 2 spice racks and 3 baskets £24

baskets rack










Accessories Now the fun part. I bought a selection of things as I was out and about (having to accessorise the bathroom gave me brilliant excuse to “just pop in” to places)! When I saw the candle holder and glass candles in M&S I knew they’d look great. These were £19.50 and £15.60 respectively.candle-holder     candles









I bought a fern which I hope I won’t kill. It’s a blue star fern and supposed to be ideal for bathrooms and low maintenance so fingers crossed.. I also bought a macramé hanger for the fern. Now, my Mum had these when I was a child so they make me happy as they evoke nice memories. I’m glad they’re back in fashion again! The fern was £15.99 from our local garden centre and the hanger was £13.63 from Etsy.










A round mirror from Ikea (Langesund) It’s white. Mr B thinks I should paint it black but I’ve kind of had enough of painting for now so I’m going to live with it for a while first! That was £19. I also got some new hooks for the back of the door, not very exciting ones but much more usable than the one piddly one that was there before! They were £7.44 for 3 from B&Q, I then painted the door handle black. I’d love a new door but there’s absolutely no point at present as we’ll be changing them throughout the whole house. I also got a toilet roll holder as there wasn’t one previously – this was an Hjalmaren from Ikea at £5.50. It was brown/black so it just needed a little sand down and a coat of black Satinwood.


mirror troll-holder









Up-cycling I had a few things already that I’m re-using in the bathroom. Cara’s little step stool for one. The paint had bubbled and was coming away in places on the steps  tsk tsk JoJo Maman Bebe! So I gave it a smart new look by sanding the paint down to provide a key and painting the steps black. Two half flooring tiles complete the look. Cara was very pleased with the result!


stool-before ps

cara's-stool after ps








The toothbrush holder and soap dish have been sprayed black as they were light grey. The white vases I already had and they don’t need a coat of paint 🙂 Thank goodness. I feel like I’ve painted everything else! I also had the little birds, which I like as they’re so dainty against the chunky shelves.

birdstoothbrush holdervases








So the grand total for everything I paid for came to £282.33  which I think is great considering what’s gone into the room – a total bathroom makeover providing storage, a mirror, flooring and window treatment for under £300- pretty good!

Here’s the before and after shots of the bathroom makeover. I hope you think the one on the right is better! And yes, I have cheated slightly as I borrowed a friend’s wide angled lens for the after shot 🙂

bathroom-before pic monkey  Monochrome-1








What do you think? I hope my bathroom makeover has inspired you to give yours a bit of a makeover, even if you can’t/don’t want to spend lots of money. With a bit of hard work and quite a lot of painting you can transform a bathroom in a long weekend – I promise!

Love Angela x






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