Childrens rooms that WORK

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Your child’s space requirements will change as they grow. A question I get asked a lot is “How do you “future proof” your childrens rooms?” Keep in mind a few simple requirements:

Storage. Properly planned storage can keep the chaos at bay, but it needs to work hard. Homework, craft projects, art, reading, gaming or watching TV might all need to be catered for in your childrens room. Collect all the materials together and work out what size storage space will be required. Then think about catering for at least an extra 20-30% of “stuff” and you’ve future proofed. Be creative – for example kitchen fittings can work really well for kid’s storage. Don’t be afraid to upcycle old pieces of furniture either, then you won’t be too upset when the inevitable happens. I remember in particular a chemistry set my sister and I had…!










Technology/electrics. It’s hard to get away from the need for technology – TV’s, tablets and PC’s, games consoles etc. If you plan this into your childrens room early you can ensure that you don’t have cables and wires exposed or trailing and that you have enough sockets in the room to cope with future needs. Look to wall mount a TV or try to hide it in a cupboard with the other technology, then it’s not a distraction when it’s homework time. This playroom with a TV/storage wall from www.birdsofafeatherdesign.com works brilliantly.








Kids like to be creative and display their artwork, so provide space for them to do so – a simple line with cute pegs looks great or why not create a magnetic wall with specialist paint or plasterboard? High shelving for other things you want to display keeps things safe for all ages. I love this idea of framing the creative stuff your kids do. It’s from The Caterpillar Years  and it’s in my fave colour yellow! 🙂










Click  here to go to Heather’s blog where she shows you how to make them for your childrens room.

Harder surfaces like wood, cork or vinyl withstand spills and can be cleaned easily. If you’ve already got carpet down, think about covering the main play/traffic area with a rug, to lessen the wear and tear.










A dedicated space for quiet homework or reading A desk and a comfortable chair is a must for homework and study, or projects. Make sure everything required is within reaching distance, peg boards and rails with tubs attached are ideal for this.








Photo credit lunamag.com


Avoid themes. Your little treasure might love the idea of a themed room (for example, Frozen springs to mind!) but will they love it in a few years’ time? Will you?! You can introduce fun with patterns and colour rather than themes that will date. Get your child involved in a few choices for the room, children love to feel ownership of their space and they’re not afraid of the use of colour.

Three Interiors Bedroom from Poppy Talk









Photo courtesy of Poppytalk 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on childrens rooms that work, catch you later.

Angela xx


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