Copenhagen & Design Inspiration….

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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve just returned from a city break with my Mum in the wonderful city of Copenhagen. This was planned to celebrate a milestone birthday for Mum and also provided a whole heap of design inspiration for me. Whilst I love Scandinavian design I’d never been lucky enough to go the Dane’s capital. I can’t recommend it highly enough and I’d love to go again with Phil and Cara.

I always come away from a holiday with tons of pictures and ideas. I’ll be the first to say that not all of them would end up in an interior of mine or a clients, but the feeling they evoke, or their style or finish might.

I also decided to resurrect something that I used to do when studying interior design – a scrap/sketch book for ideas, notes, any design inspiration I might have. Mine will currently be focussed on the ideas for the new house, as obviously that’s at the forefront of my mind right now. I felt I needed to have something on paper- Pinterest and Instagram are great for overall images but I need texture and notes and detail. I got this very “snazzy” little book at my local Sainsbury’s!!

bookLooking forward to filling the pages!






Anyway, back to Copenghagen. The first things we came across on our walk up to the Little Mermaid was two tall pillars, which link the Amalienborg (Royal Palaces) with the Royal Opera House across the water.


Pretty cool industrial look. Love that metal – will say it’s copper as it’s gone green but can’t be sure….




Then the Little Mermaid. Much photographed and apparently quite controversial, I liked the way the light played on the bronze of the statue. Totally touristy but Mum and I decided you couldn’t go to Copenhagen and not see her!









Not too far away, the Russian church stood out because of the incredibly shiny gold on top! The rest of the church was really dark brick which made these stand out all the more. A pop of metal like this really has the wow factor.









Carrying on our walk, we were admiring the architecture of the buildings along the harbour front. I like the modern window extension, I’ve been thinking about something similar in shape for our hallway/porch extension in the new house. This one must bring in so much light to the room, and apart from the roof right next door, you’d still get a fab view of the harbour!


wooden-beamsWe popped back to the hotel and I got some snaps of the enormous wooden beams in our room. Their texture and the iron bolts is something akin to what I’m thinking for the kitchen- not the colour though. It was a bit ’80’s pine coloured for me!



tapsBit random this one I know, but I loved the simplicity of these taps and the brass. Definitely want something like this in the kitchen, perhaps without the cracked tiles and painted porcelain sink though 🙂




We were staying close to Nyhavn, one of the prettiest ports I’ve ever seen, and a great place for a drink/food with restaurants and bars lining the street. There was also a couple of ice cream parlours. YUM.

nyhavn ice-cream






I really wanted to go to the Design Centre, however it was shut 🙁 What they’re looking to create looks exciting though, so it’s a reason to come back in 2018! Mum and I cheered ourselves up with cake at the Ny Carslberg Glyptotek  and spent a happy couple of hours looking at art, sculptures and admiring the beautiful building.

cake-at-Carlsnerg-Glyptotek design-centre






matisse         rodin




Cheeky little Matisse and Rodin


glypotek-building christ-blue-bground






The internal garden courtyard                            Marble sculpture’s not really my thing but that blue is- POW!

One of the things that I really liked was part of the building itself, gorgeous plaster reliefs – some looked almost “free hand” featuring starfish shapes and leaves- even two boys playing, whilst others were geometric in their pattern.

plaster-relief-1   plater-relief-3












Contemporary plaster relief can be found at Surfaceform.

Causeway-PANEL-pho  Ace 🙂 and a great bit of wow factor if you’re getting a bit sick of more traditional finishes





Well I don’t think this will be the last blog about Copenhagen, I’ve got plenty more snaps to show! Speak soon

Love Angela xx

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