How to make your own Christmas centre piece

"a Christmas table decoration with a candle and a decorated Christmas tree in the background"

Last year I made my own Christmas wreath. It was a lovely, fun filled evening (with quite a lot of Prosecco consumed, I’ll be honest!). I loved the experience so much I’m hosting a wreath making event at home very soon.

I feel it’s so important to bring the outdoors in.  Greenery and living things in a home make an impact all through the year, but I think there’s something quite magical and cosy about using winter foliage and berries around Christmas time. The tree is usually the centerpiece, but it’s nice to follow the theme around the rest of the house – maybe a garland up the stairs or across the fireplace, even on the table when everyone comes together for a feast!

I got a little bit giddy last year and decided that as well as my wreath I’d make a table decoration too. I had some left over foliage and saw a beautiful bouquet in M&S that had lots of different Christmassy flowers and foliage in. I obviously dress my house for Christmas, but like everyone else it’s a really busy time of year. I’m generally finishing off projects and end up leaving myself about a week to do the mad Christmas rush of present buying, tree putting up, decorating the house, cooking food, etc etc. However, making the wreath was such a mindful experience (Prosecco notwithstanding!) I made the time to do the table too.

You can easily create your own wreath or table decoration, here’s a little step by step to show you how I made mine.

Step by step guide to creating your own Christmas centre piece:

First of all, I bought a couple of blocks of oasis. These need to soak in water before you use them, so that they act as a source of water for your living display.

Secondly, I scouted around my house for a suitable dish! You can buy the oasis in it’s own plastic dish for table decorations, like this one here:

I’d advise buying this, not doing it the way I did it! However, this was mine. I wanted a candle in the centreof the display.

I found the easiest and most secure way to get the candle in the middle was to “wedge” it into the oasis and then start to add the larger pieces of foliage around the bottom half at the sides

Keep them fairly short, you don’t want the table decoration getting in the way when you’re eating or putting dishes on the table!

Then it’s just a case of being creative with the other items. I used thistles, eucalyptus, berries and roses but you can honestly use whatever you like.

And ta da! This is the finished result:

You don’t have to go to so much effort, this is the one I made last year- zero fuss but still looked great 🙂

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