Not really Ideal Home Show

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Well after the exciting but exhausting house move, I thought I’d extend my skiving off work for just one more day and go to the Ideal Home show at Event City for a mooch around and I hoped, some inspiration. Well. You know when you get a bit mad after spending time doing something rubbish because you’ll never get that time back? That’s how I felt after the Ideal Home show.

Now, I knew that it wasn’t exactly going to be leading edge. I feared as with most shows of this nature, the better ones tend to be in London; but I was still bitterly disappointed. Plumbs re-upholstery service? A whole (otherwise bare) stand dedicated to enormous horrible black leather sofas? A beauty section? Really??!! I swear I walked past people sat having their teeth laser whitened in this section. After witnessing this, I gave it a wide berth.

The most disappointing aspect was the Ideal Home Show room sets. Why weren’t local designers asked to be involved? They could have still used items from local stores and products from exhibitors, who I’m sure would have been more than happy to lend items. It was just corporate crap with BHS, Next, Dwell and Debenhams doing room sets that were just basically replicas of their shop windows. The Debenhams stand was quite possibly the most uninspiring thing I have seen in a long time, and whilst the BHS stand was quite nice and vibrant, it was that stuffed with furniture and accessories your eyes gave up.

interior designer cheshire next stand at ideal Home show
Next Home (excuse my iphone wobble!) Boring.


interiordesigner cheshire BHS stand at Ideal Home show
BHS stand. Quite a lot going on here!
interior designer cheshire Dwell stand ideal Home show Manchester
Dwell’s stand. Hello 2010, good to see you again 🙂
interior designer cheshire Debenhams stand at Ideal Home show
The Debenhams stand. I hope they’re a bit embarrassed.

It’s not like me to be so scathing and I suppose the Ideal Home Show were only catering to their audience who were.. well not me I guess! There were a couple of stands that were ok, the Smeg stand was good and I have a soft spot for Karndean, whose stand was good looking and informative. One of the companies I felt quite sorry for were Jamjar Lights. Not because I didn’t like their products- they were great and I’ll certainly be back in touch with them, but the general audience at the Ideal Home show just did not get it.

interior designer cheshire jamjar lights
Jam jar lights
interior designer cheshire
Wire shades from JamJar Lights


I’ll bet that like me, they won’t be wasting their time attending the Ideal Home show again!

Love Angela xx

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