Interior design style – what’s yours?

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If an interior designer tells you that they can/will do any type of scheme and they’re not at all influenced by their own personal style then they’re telling porkies.

I’m sure they don’t mean to fib but if they don’t have an interior design style they tend to work to or they’re doing work they’re not going to feature in their portfolio then they’re just doing it for the money. And that’s no good for you, the client.

Am I influenced by my own personal style? Hell yeah! There are all sorts of interiors that I look at and think Yuuuuucccckkkk, but another person might look at them and think Yuuuuummmmm!! I don’t want to work on schemes that are a million miles away from my interior design style because I believe design is a collaborative process. I can’t collaborate with a client who’s on a completely different wavelength to me, and they’d be much better off finding a designer who shares their vision.

I haven’t and don’t want to work on a blingy/glitzy/crystal studded mansion. I don’t do antiques or really traditional interiors. I don’t do complicated drapes and trimmings on curtains. I’m not a huge fan of large expanses of shiny surfaces. I could go on…!

I work with clients who have realistic budgets and expectations and an appreciation of good design and how it will enhance their lifestyle. I am obviously guided by what my clients want and need, I’d never tell my clients what they should have but we’ll both share a general vision/idea of style so that we get the best out of working with each other.

So I’ve compiled a little image gallery of what I do/don’t do. With tongue firmly in cheek, here we go!

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