It’s been a long time….

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It’s been a year since I blogged. I know this because the last time I blogged it was about 100% Design and Decorex and I’ve just been to those shows again! My bad. But do you know, whilst sat here tapping away I feel happy and I’m really regretting not forcing myself to make the time to blog. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I felt like I was this teeeny tiny person with the world’s smallest megaphone whispering “Hello, is there anyone out there who’s interested?!” The answer was a quite resounding NOPE I thought, until a client of mine said she’d read my blog and it resonated with her. WHAAAATTTT? Someone got what I was talking about?? Wow.

I just think I need to do short and sweet posts and not worry about the images, cropping them to size etc. Each blog post was taking such a long time that I just couldn’t fit it in with being busy with clients. So, here goes, we’ll see how long it is until my next one 🙂

Anyway, I always visit London for Design Week, this is the week that manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world show their new products and it’s a “must do” on my calendar. This year was great. I gained lots of inspiration for my current clients, and saw lots of lovely things I really want to use in future schemes! My photos don’t do the products any justice at all, however here’s a little round up of some of the things I saw at the shows.

Three Interiors Interior Design Cheshire Printed Leather

My favourite leather manufacturer was showcasing printing directly onto leather as part of the manufacturing process. This means the dye is impregnated into the leather and won’t suffer from peeling or cracking. I liked what they’d done with the printed maps on bar stools and the fact that this could be used in a number of different applications.






Three Interiors Interior Design Cheshire magnetic wall


Possibly a little biased as I have a kitchen project at the forefront of my mind right now, I was particularly impressed by the elevation of the magnetic “strip” to a design feature. manufactured by a Slovenian company, this magnet wall was a great idea. It was really strong, holding shelves with jars on them easily. The herb pots were a cute feature.  I was excited by how this could be utilised not only in a kitchen but settings such as bathrooms and hallways too.





Three Interiors Interior Design Cheshire Quartzforms

The wow factor was certainly in evidence with this kitchen display from Quartzforms. My photo doesn’t do it justice! The bottom portion of the sink moved up and down, the water bottles are stood on a weighing scale and the circular pads are the hob. All of this was operated with the wave of a hand!! Very impressive. Quartzform is a sustainable surface made up from Quartz, resin and colour. It is acid, fire, scratch, stain and knock resistant, making it a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Have a look at more of their surface here





Three Interiors Interior Design Cheshire Rug design


A rug is one of the best ways to pull a room together and if you have hard floors at home, it’s nice to have a rug to give definition and a bit of texture. The choice in rugs gets better every year and the finish on some was like walking on a plush, soft velvet  – a real treat for the feet!







Three Interiors Interior Design Cheshire Sofa

This was by far the most popular sofa at the shows (as you can tell, I literally couldn’t get a shot without someone in it!!) and is on my own personal wish list. I did not expect Hubby to agree to a mustard yellow velvet sofa, but he has and I will hold him to that 🙂 By an Italian manufacturer, and featuring a retro vibe but a futuristic design with its hexagonal shape; it comes in a number of different fabrics but the velvet wins hands down. It was really comfy too!!



‘Til next time xx


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