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I’m often asked if my house is amazing – given I’m an interior designer. To anyone unlikely to actually visit my house, I tell a teensy lie and say as convincingly as possible “Yes, it’s fabulous, obviously!” To anyone who has visited my house (especially recently), I just tend to mutter apologies whilst shifting piles of detritus from one spot to another.

Currently most areas of my home look like a small incendiary device has gone off, but I do have an excuse – you see, we’re moving house. They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. I’d sort of agree- moving house whilst looking to rent yours out, whilst setting up a business, whilst also juggling the care of a 3 year old, a crazy dog and a very old cat is quite stressful, yes. However I can’t complain. I’ve only harangued my poor husband about moving house for oooh the last FIVE YEARS, so any stress is combatted by sheer excitement over having a whole house to design! Let me just write that again, a whole house. You might be able to tell I’m just a bit excited.

I am having slight panics about just where all of our stuff is going to fit though. We currently live in a 4 bed house and we’re moving to a 2 bed house. “Are you mad?!” I hear you cry. Well, yes when I think about it.

The house we’re moving to has the potential to be a 4/5 bedroom however is going to have to go through major extending/renovating and a whole lotta dust to get it to that state. Both me and my husband work from home. My chest tightened slightly as I wrote that. Panic again.

Here’s the house as it is now: A fairly standard suburban house built in the mid 60’s. The exterior will have a huge makeover as we’ll be building over the garage and probably adding a hall extension/porch to the front.


An old lady had lived here and her family have tidied the house up as cheaply as possible to sell it on. Interior design has not featured highly. There is a new bathroom suite – it’s white and kind of inoffensive, which is a good job as I think we may have to live with it for quite a while. They have however, left the original kitchen. I was discussing with a friend that this is far better than a having a relatively okay kitchen fitted, you therefore don’t feel as guilty/wasteful about ripping it out and starting from scratch.


I actually like the tiles! I can’t say the same for the rest of the kitchen. It does show you that things were well made back in the day though – this kitchen has gone through around 30 years of use and it’s still serviceable. Just. Like the bathroom though, we’ll have to live with it for a while. Along with the cheap  poop brown carpet:


and yes, there is also woodchip on the walls and a quite dodgy wooden handrail 🙂

So when people ask me if my house is amazing once we’ve moved into this one, my answer will have to be “well, it’s a work in progress”!

Keep checking back as I blog my inspiration, room designs and more as the weeks progress!

Love Angela xx

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