Pimp my playhouse!

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The reason I’ve been off line for a while is Mr B and I have been slaving away in the garden. I seriously wanted to come back to work as I was desperate for a sit down! The main thing we needed to do with our time off was move the pond. I do love it where it is as it’s right next to the sunken part of the garden but it’s also right next to the lawn on the other side. It’s just not safe with a 3 year old and her little friends who love running about the place.

We did dig out the new pond and it’s now full, but apparently you need to wait before you can move plants and fish, it has to be done in stages for the water to stabilise. I did not know that. The new pond is on the top terrace on the side of the stream. I worry it will be too shady but we’ll see…

me-digging-pond  pond-dug-out








The major thing that took up a LOT of our time was a playhouse/slide/swing combo we devised for Cara. Now, I blame our friends for this as they’d bought their daughter a perfectly lovely compact slide with a covered platform and a ladder which was great. However it then went out of stock and the nearest replacement to it was an extra £90. Given our financial status at present – i.e. really not supposed to be spending anything as saving for extension etc, etc I decided we’d do it ourselves. (This is also known as showing Phil a design and fluttering my eyelashes at him) It didn’t work but he was excited enough about the idea of “pimping” a playhouse that he got on board.

So first things first, we needed to make sure we had enough room. I decided we’d get rid of an uninspiring bush and move a Hydrangea, which I hope won’t die on us. This meant we could place the structure right to the back of the garden/top tier of the terrace on the stream side.










In the meantime, we’d bought a playhouse off ebay which was 4ft x 4ft and crying out to be pimped!!








We then went and bought quite a lot of timber and screws and Phil started to put the frame together












After assembling the playhouse and a LOT of painting we then had to get it up on top of the frame. It was at this point I tried to highlight that there might be a slight flaw in the making of the structure, but Mr B was having none of it. So yes, we did push the playhouse up the “ramp” onto the frame. I’m still amazed that we managed it with no serious injuries!

me-painting wendy-house-upon-top-of-ramp









The nights were long, at one point I was painting in the dark. It’s not something I’d recommend. We had a little “topping out” celebration with a few well deserved beers when Mr B put the owl in place 😉










And here’s the finished product in daylight 🙂 and yes, if I could have got a slide in the sage green I would have done!


There’s still loads to do in the garden but now Cara has plenty to keep her occupied whilst we try and get some of the jobs done that we didn’t get round to.

What crazy things have you built in your garden? I’d love to see them!

Love Angela xx

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