The Bathroom of Doom…

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Well, it’s not that bad really I just thought I’d start with a dramatic title!

I did think that the first room to tackle in the new house would be Cara’s room, however that needs a bit more planning as it currently has a mahoosive sofa bed in there which we don’t have any other space for at present. She loves it because she’ll be having us sleeping over in her bedroom when we have guests, however I need to sort out the logistics of moving this somewhere at some point! If anyone would like the loan of a sofa bed for a while, get in touch!

Anyway, the bathroom now has come under scrutiny (well I’ve got to have at least one room I can tinker with!). The suite was relatively new and we’ve agreed that we have to live with it for the foreseeable. We have an en-suite and a downstairs wet room (possibly) to spend money on first.

Let’s have a look at it:

interior designer cheshire bathroom before Firstly, no storage. Unless you count the airing cupboard which once it has some towels in it, is pretty much full. The tiling is yuck. The colours through the grey bathroom tiles are quite nice but it’s so 90’s! And the faux slate effect floor tiles are pretty naff too.

And the roller blind. There are no words.





interior designer cheshire Three Interiors bathroom beforeThe rather misleading huge airing cupboard in the bathroom. It looks like it provides lots of storage, it doesn’t. There’s a huge water tank in the cupboard at the top and below there’s a cylinder. (Ancient heating system that will come out of the bathroom at some point) It just about fits all of our towels in and Cara’s bath toys are hooked up in a net bag in there. One positive- it’s quite good the cupboard is warm because her bath toys dry out properly!






interior designer cheshire Three Interiors bathroom before Opposite the airing cupboard is a very small towel rail, this doesn’t heat the room as it’s not big enough, there’s also no heating underfoot so Cara keeps complaining her feet are cold on the tiled floor (we had heating under our tiles in the last house, so she’s used to the floor being warm!)

Also a solitary door hook – you kinda need more when you’re a family, even if there’s only 3 of you!





interior designer cheshire Three Interiors bathroom before

The bathroom hasn’t been planned in terms of space well at all. This irks me as I definitely can’t change this. Why oh why would you have a curved bath and the curve of a sink meeting to make a bathroom narrower?! Cara likes the curved bit at the end of the bath as it makes a bigger space for playing in. Bless her, unlike me she’s easily pleased 🙂







Oh and the decorating that has been done in the bathroom is quite rubbish so I would have had to do some painting at least anyway. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)







Overall, this needs to be a really cost effective make over. We can’t warrant spending money on a bathroom that a) is certainly not hideous and b) will at some point get a substantial make over (just not yet!) So I trawled around B&Q and Ikea with a couple of ideas in mind as to the look I was going for. (See my bathroom Pinterest board here)

If I was doing a more substantial make over I’d plot it out on CAD and probably do a real life mood board, and certainly when I’m working with a client I’d always do that. However as this is a quick makeover – the bathroom can’t be out of service for long,  I’m working it out as I go.

So what does the bathroom need, that I can do on a budget without ripping out the suite?

1. Storage 2. Decorating  3. Adding warmth through texture and light 4. A bit of up to date styling

So a couple of flooring options. This will probably be the most expensive part of the make over and I do NOT want to have to rip up those floor tiles. (a few others had been discounted as they would have made the step into the bathroom way too high)

1. This is the one Mr B prefers:


image3I do like it too, but it’s a bit “safe” for me. The flooring is stick on vinyl! Super cost effective, splash resistant and should be a bit warmer underfoot. The colour has soft and warm grey tones, so does look lovely with the rattan storage boxes from Ikea which have the same tones. This ties in nicely with the overall “background” colours of grey black and white that I want to use in the house too.

With this option, I’d see what colours I could get in tile paint and possibly paint out the grey striped border in a complementary shade, or go with white and paint the walls a nice soft grey or blue. Use white shelving for the storage boxes and a white wooden Venetian blind. A few accessories and et voila, job done. I’ll come back to you on the costs, but I’m hoping under £150.

2. This is the one I want to go for, what do you think?

black-and-whiteVinyl tiles again- I know! They look good for the price- £14.28 a box but I think we can splash out. Splash out, bathroom, see what I did there?!

With this option I’d paint out the grey striped bathroom tiles in white and spray the rattan boxes black. White shelves and black Venetian with newly painted white walls. Accessories that somehow feature my favourite colour yellow and I’m done.

This black and white option gives me the Scandi/Industrial type look I’m going for and also the ability to change accessory colours in the future if I get bored.



Sold. I’ll show you the finished bathroom as soon as poss, but I’m away in Colonsay next week visiting family, fingers crossed the weather is kind!

Love Angela xx

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