The trickiest client award goes to..

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My daughter. Sorry Cara I looove you to bits but designing your room is going to mean that you’re the trickiest client ever. Here’s just a few reasons why:

1. You like pink. A lot.

Unfortunately I don’t. Please don’t make me design a sugary pink, butterfly and fairy strewn room.

2. EVERYTHING I show you, you say yes to.

With any other client, this would be quite brilliant. With you, I feel it’s because you’re just probably more interested in watching Paw Patrol and want me to buzz off.

3. You want a loft bed

I’m scared you’ll fall out of it and hurt yourself. I’ll also be labelled that stupid interior designer woman who designed an unsuitable bed for a 3 year old. They are cool though…

4. You want a swing and a slide. In your bedroom.

Seriously? I’m slightly regretting being a bit excited about them myself – but I didn’t think you’d want both. Doh.

5. Your taste and mine differ somewhat.

It probably has something to do with you being three years old and me being…… well, older. If I designed a Frozen/Paw Patrol/Peppa Pig room you’d be quite happy. Sorry, it’s not going to happen but I really hope you think your room is the best thing ever when it’s done. XX

Here’s my Pinterest board of kid’s room ideas. I hope it provides you some inspiration too.

Love Angela xx

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