Upcycling rocks!

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My walks with Mylo are usually a lot more productive for him than me, some of the things he’s managed to find include umpteen tennis/golf balls, plastic bottles, shoes and on one occasion a used carton of cream. This one was particularly memorable because he would not leave it until he’d licked every last rancid drop of cream and was then violently sick later. Delightful!

The walk today yielded something for me, well Cara really as they’ll be going in her room. Yes, that’s right- logs!!

mylo-logs    logs






Good choice for a woodland theme really! I got home and showed Phil the photos I’d taken and asked him if he’d help me bring one back. Once he’d stopped looking at me like I was mad, he agreed. So off we went to get as near as we could park to the felled tree. Once we got there I decided I wanted three (obviously!)








Well, just one would be lonely wouldn’t it?! Poor Phil- they were quite heavy but we were prepared with a little trolley and bungee ropes, so I don’t think it was too bad. It did take us quite a bit longer to get back to the car though….!

I also couldn’t decide there and then exactly what I was going to do with them. I may use them as stools – I’ve got some other tree trunks saved from when we took down our Eucalyptus trees that I could use as table legs for this rather boring circular table top from Ikea that’s been languishing in the back of a wardrobe for a few years now.

eucalyptus-logs   table






It might be too big in terms of diameter though, so I may use the logs as steps up to a loft bed (I’ve decided to go with this, even though I had my doubts!) It would be a little bit similar to this cute one apart from NOT as pink and the bed will be higher – you get my drift! I’ll show the finished version as soon as poss anyway! It will be an Ikea Hack of a Kura bed I think.








Another idea I saw for the Eucalyptus trunks was this one on the left, not the best image, sorry! I took it at Copenhagen airport. It gives an example, however I’d use different lights and have them intertwining with the trunks more,or hidden to form a glow behind. This other image on the right gives an idea of what I’m thinking…

trunks-and-lights       twig-light-ps





Clearly I don’t want the room to just be full of old bits of tree, in case you were wondering! I also don’t want it “themed to the max”, so I need to look at the pieces I like and make sure that in the overall scheme it’s not going to be overkill.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re going to need to be really creative and upcycle as much as possible as most of our budget is going to be spent on the actual building. Extending and renovating does not come cheap! The other thing to bear in mind with kids rooms is that they need to be flexible to suit them as they grow. Unless you have very deep pockets, you’re not going to want to spend lots of money on things they’re going to grow out of.

Feel free to have a look at my Pinterest boards for some inspiration and let me know about your upcycling successes!

Love Angela xx

















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