A Serene Sanctuary – A Master Suite

"a master bedroom with door to an en suite bathroom"


Here’s a behind the scenes look at a Master Suite project I undertook..

The brief…

My clients were busy professionals and they travelled a lot for their work. The travelling meant that they were lucky enough to stay in some rather nice hotels, therefore their main inspiration was the luxury interiors that they had seen around the world. They wanted their bedroom and ensuite to become a serene sanctuary away from their busy lives and to feel as luxurious as the hotel rooms they had visited.

Their apartment was a great size and their bedroom and en-suite had good ceiling height, despite being in an attic space. The rooms were set out so that you had the stairs and a landing area, then through to the bedroom and through that to the en-suite and dressing room.

The landing area was used as a mini gym/tv room/lounge. The functionality needed to be discussed in detail so I could work out exactly what was required for the space.

My thoughts…

Straight away, I knew the en-suite and dressing room being squished into the same room just wasn’t cutting the mustard! The client was happy to bring the wardrobes into the bedroom, so that’s what I considered. Initially, I’d planned for the wardrobes to run under the two Velux windows. (To be fair, I had about a million different iterations on the wardrobes, trying to get the best layout and use of space!) I ended up with the two best options, one to run under the windows and one to switch the room around so the bed was under the windows and the wardrobes could be a taller run on the left hand side of the room.  Having a bed under windows is a bit of a compromise as it’s usually not an ideal sleeping position. However, the windows weren’t huge and could be fitted with black out blinds.

At the design meeting, we decided to switch the bedroom around so that the wardrobes could run along the left hand side of the room. It did feel and look better, and the clients were happy having their bed switched over to the “window wall”.

Relieving the en-suite of having to perform two functions, meant it could be a much more luxurious room. I had it planned out in terms of space and the kind of look I was going for, and then enlisted the help of Cheshire Tiles & Bathrooms who produced some 3D renders of the items I had chosen with them.  This really helped the clients to envisage the space and how generous it was going to be. Originally, I had really wanted this room to be a completely open wet room concept, but the clients felt that they wanted the screening before the entrance door. They plumped for the half wall. A bit of a compromise for me as I would have preferred a full length glass screen if we were introducing that element, however it’s not my bathroom! I’m here to make sure that the client is happy and it still looked great.

The master bedroom was a generous size. The clients had a super king size bed but I still had room to design bedside cabinets that were a metre wide! They featured two drawers and an open library shelf underneath. I was really pleased with how they had turned out and secretly wanted the same for my home!

The landing space was given room to breathe by adapting the storage in the eaves so that it could hold the gym gear whilst not in use. I designed 2 occasional chairs and a small side table for the space. (The clients hadn’t purchased these before the photos were taken) We framed (in a stained wood to tie in with the bedside cabinets) and hung the vintage golfing pictures, creating a really lovely gallery wall.

To see more of the finished project images, check out my portfolio pages here

Angela x

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